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Born and educated in the UK, a passionate artist since a child, I initially trained as an Interior Designer. After a successful career, I retrained in ceramics completing 7 years full time study at the Universities of Bristol and Cardiff.


As an artist my main focus is on the creation of figuratively based artworks. My work explores the complexities and variants of gender identity, through the expressions of gesture, posture and movement. Symbolic images of protective armour, clothing and the use of multiple layers are often central to many of my artworks.


My sculptural artworks are created in porcelain or stoneware paperclay, this enables the creation of large scale artworks but using fine layers.  My large scale drawings are charcoal.  I use  charcoal powder and the tips of my fingers to draw as this feels similar to my sculptural techniques, and therefore a familiar language.  My large scale abstract paintings use a mixed media of acrylic, pastels, chalks, and charcoal.


I work from my studios in the South West of France. My artworks have been exhibited widely, and they are in collections throughout the UK, USA, Germany and within France.  My artworks are currently represented internationally by the renowned Saatchi Gallery and

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