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Feet of Clay!

Well it is that time. I bravely take my first steps forward and write my first ever blog!

To introduce myself, I am Hayley-Jay Daniels and I am a ceramic sculptress. I was born and educated in the UK, but I have lived and worked as a sculptress in the South West of France for the last seven years.

My artworks explore notions of identity and fragmentation, taking inpiration from both the historic and the contemporary.

So here I am, tentative steps into blogging. I am sure I will quickly find that it becomes second nature to chat and share my news and the things that inspire me, with you all.

The artwork shown here is called 'Introvert'. It is one of a pair of artworks, the other called 'Extrovert'. Both

were created using Porcelain paperclay, with terra sigillata finishes. As I gather confidence, I will post the image of the second in the pair.

For now back to work.....

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