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It is all in the nipple.....

My challenge this morning was to finish a very large A0 charcoal study that I have been working on. I really wanted to push this study so that the boundaries of feminine and masculine blurred, leaving questions in the mind of the viewer. Is it a drawing of a male, female, other? Some physical elements of the human body within drawing or sculpture are more easily gender transferable. For instance, often when I sculpt female legs and thighs I choose to sculpt those with a really highly defined muscle structure and shape, these adhere to a more readily accepted definition of 'masculine' at a glance. However, working on this study today, where I truly wanted to engage with elements of a more defined androgyny, it all came down to the nipple! Who knew that it would take me longer to draw and be happy with the nipple, than it did to do the rest of the large study. Anyway here it is, and truth be told, I think the nipple is fabulous....... smile.

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